Treatment costs

AIH (artificial insemination by husband) PLN 750
AID (artificial insemination by donor) / purchase cost of donor sperm is not included in the price of the procedure PLN 750
transfer of frozen embryos PLN 1600
In vitro fertilization (CIVF / ICSI):

– puncture of the ovaries – collection of oocytes for in vitro fertilization procedures – PLN 1700
– in vitro fertilization (CIVF/ICSI) and embryo culture (laboratory procedures) – PLN 4300 
– transfer of fresh embryos – PLN 900
PLN 6900
general anaesthesia for the puncture of the ovaries (payable in cash) PLN 550 
AH (assisted hatching) PLN 500
PICSI (spermatozoon selection for ICSI by its ability to bind to hyaluronic acid) PLN 500
IMSI (intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection) PLN 600
MACS (magnetic activated sperm sorting for ICSI) PLN 1100 
Blastgen Medium (culture medium supplemented with GM-CSF) PLN 500
EmbryoGen Medium (culture medium) PLN 1000
Miri® Time Lapse PLN 1200
EmbryoGlue (medium supporting the embryo transfer) PLN 450
ZyMOT (sperm selection on a microchannel plate) PLN 700

Pipelle PLN 400
Cyst biopsy PLN 700
Outpatient hysteroscopy – diagnostic PLN 2400
Outpatient hysteroscopy with removal of polyps or adhesions PLN 3000
Outpatient hysteroscopy with removal of the uterine septum PLN 3200
Testicle biopsy (core needle) PLN 2500
Phimosis surgery PLN 2200

Embryos freezing using vitrification (including the cost of storage for the first year) / first straw PLN 1000
Embryos freezing using vitrification (including the cost of storage for the first year) / each additional straw PLN 500
Next years of storage of embryos (for each year) PLN 500 
Next years of oocyte storage (for each year) PLN 500
Sperm freezing for the procedure (including the cost of storage for the first year) PLN 500
Sperm freezing of oncologic patient (including the cost of storage for the first year) PLN 500
freezing of ovarian tissue (including the cost of storage for the first year) PLN 2400
next year of ovarian tissue storage (for the year) PLN 500
thawing of ovarian tissue (including transport to the hospital and at the presence embryologist) PLN 2000
evaluation of testicle tissue PLN 250
testicle tissue freezing (including the cost of storage for the first year) PLN 1300
following years of storage of testicular tissue / sperm (for a year) PLN 350
storage of ovarian tissue (for year) PLN 500 

seminogram (comprehensive analysis of all semen parameters in accordance with WHO standards and guidelines) PLN 150
post-vasectomy seminogram PLN 100
MSOME (Motile Sperm Organelles Morphology Examination) PLN 260 
Sperm chromatin (by flow cytometry SCSA) PLN 300
MAR test – basic examination IgG PLN 80
MAR test – complementary test IgA PLN 80
HBA binding of hyaluronic acid test PLN 270
fructose – semen biochemistry PLN 80
NAG alpha glucosidase – semen biochemistry PLN 80
semen culture PLN 80
post-ejaculate urine analysis  PLN 150 
zinc – biochemical examination of semen PLN 80
Semen Test Set: Set 1 – available soon
Semen Test Set: Set 2 – available soon

consultation on infertility treatment – first PLN 320
consultation on infertility treatment – next PLN 250 
gynaecological medical consultation (ultrasound) – first PLN 320 
gynaecological medical consultation (ultrasound) – next PLN 250 
obstetric consultation PLN 300 
urological medical consultation PLN from 300
immunological medical consultation PLN 300
medical microbiology consultation PLN 250
genetic medical consultation PLN 300
endocrine medical consultation (ultrasound) PLN 250
semen test medical consultation PLN 200

Ultrasound cycle of hormonal stimulation monitoring  PLN 150 
Breast ultrasound PLN 200
Endometriosis ultrasound (sonovaginografia)
PLN 500

vaginal swab PLN 80
smear test PLN 80
mycoplasma and ureaplasma PLN 100
Chlamydia PLN 100
cytology PLN 55
test of tubal patency (Hydrotubation method) PLN 600
test of tubal patency (ExEm Foam method) PLN 900
Karyotype | BARGAIN TEST PRICE – details at the reception PLN 299
prescription PLN from 50

a copy of medical records FREE
Portable carrier of medical records PLN 17

* Rates valid from 2023.01.01.

** Due to the wide range of available tests, detailed price list of all diagnostic tests are available at the Infertility Treatment Centre PARENS

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