Unintentional childlessness, like other misfortune happens mostly to other people. However, if you are reading these words, you probably feel anxious if it does not also apply to you. On the following page we tried to bring the problem of diagnosis of male infertility, especially computer analysis of semen.

So far, the most common way to assess semen has been microscopic examination involving observations of quantity, motility and structure of sperm under the microscope and quotation of these observations by a person conducting the test. The disadvantage of such a study is its small objectivity. The results of semen analysis from different laboratories can be difficult to compare with each other. Rating of sperm by a computer program is devoid of this drawback and also gives us a number of additional data on different characteristics of sperm, and particularly its motility. Computer studies were previously reserved only for specialized infertility treatment centers due to the high cost of equipment. Today, thanks to an increase in computing power they are becoming increasingly common method of assessing semen at the stage of preliminary tests.

Currently it is estimated that every fifth couple regularly co-existing with each other without protection has difficulty in conceiving a child. In view of these data the World Health Organization has recognized infertility as a social disease. Impaired fertility is not only a women’s issue, increasingly, these problems are starting to affect also men. For several years, there have appeared reports about deteriorating quality of semen, which is manifested, among others, by a lower number of spermatozoa and their weaker motility. Therefore, we offer you our own page dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis of male infertility, especially semen computer analysis SCA. Seeing a growing number seminograms made in our clinic, we decided to meet your needs and, together with our partners, to create a network of centres belonging to the Medical Group PARENS, in which it is possible to give the semen to analysis.


It is the first and basic test in the diagnostic process of infertility. Infertility always refers to the couple. We are talking about it when there is no conception of the child within a year of intercourse without protection. In contrast, in the case of a men previously treated with chemotherapy, men after the nucleus (for various reasons), or late (over 2 years of age) correction of cryptorchidism. In them, we can expect a reduced sperm quality and they should not, in this situation, wait for a year for testing. Some serious problems on the part of his wife or partner do not release them from making the semen analysis. The cause of not becoming pregnant may lie on both sides at the same time! Taking of semen analysis often causes anxiety in males. Its result is associated with the assessment of masculinity understood as the ability to procreate offspring. Thus, the adverse result reduces the perception of self-worth by the person. This is easier that the range of standards for each value is given at every test result.

If you have just received this result, you can notice which parameters are normal and which beyond. But you will not find the answer to the basic question: is my semen fertile? This happens for several reasons:

Causes of male infertility divided into factors that cause them.

Prenuclear factors Nuclear factors Extranuclear factors
  • hormonal
  • chromosomal
  • sexual (organic and psychological)
  • congenital
  • acquired
  • immunological
  • infections and systemic diseases
  • vascular
  • antispermatogenic
  • idiopathic
  • prohibitive (epididymal and vas deferensal)
  • inflammatory changes of epididymis and semen ducts
  • additional gland infections
  • antagonist epididymitis
  • antispermatogenic (environmental)

The information that you will find on our website will help you in finding a common language with a specialist.


MEDICAL GROUP PARENS is a network of dozens of laboratories which study semen both in Poland and abroad. Seeing the great need and a growing number of tests we decided to meet your requirements and, together with PARENS partners, make it possible to carry out semen examination in your country. In order to maintain the highest standards of safety, data processed and transmitted between the centers are protected to prevent them from interception and reading. At the moment we cooperate with many centers both in Poland and abroad. (LIST IN POLISH LANGUAGE)


Semen analysis can be made in our laboratory:
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on Saturdays
from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
To carry out the test, please contact us to arrange a convenient date for you.

In preparation for the examination you  should remember that:

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