Reception and Midwives Room

Patients registered at the reception are requested to go to the waiting room for patients or to the Midwives Room. Here, an intimate zone begins where we want our patients to feel comfortable and safe. In the Midwives Room, qualified staff will carry out an initial interview and record information on the state of health of patients and on recent tests. Infertility Treatment Centre PARENS runs digital files, so that patients’ support is extremely reliable and comprehensive. In the Midwives Room blood samples for testing are also collected and drugs used during hormonal stimulation are given.

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Waiting rooms for patients

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Consulting room

Each of the rooms is divided into two zones – Interview Zone and Medical Zone. Interview Zone is a place where the doctor conducts a medical history with you and introduces you to the subject of infertility treatment. Subsequent visits will began in this part of the room. Medical Zone is the main part of the consulting room, where checks are carried out. It is equipped with modern medical equipment and a bathroom, in which patients can prepare for the test.

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Rooms to collect sperm

In the Infertility Treatment Center PARENS there are two rooms in which patients may give semen for testing. Each room is equipped with a sanitary area with sink and toilet and a couch. After giving the test sample (seminogram, chromatin test), sperm is placed in a so-called “blind window”, which is directly connected with the andrological lab. Patients giving semen have no contact with the staff and do not have to hand in it personally to our employees. Detailed information about the procedure and scheme is given each time by a qualified staff.

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Embryological laboratory

Embryological laboratory allows to attempt to overcome the infertility problem by offering techniques such as conventional in vitro (CIVF), ICSI in vitro method – using micromanipulation techniques, Assisted Hatching (AH), cryopreservation of embryos and oocytes (freezing and thawing). In the laboratory there is a twilight, which, together with the system of air filtration and proper equipment provides the most favorable conditions for oocytes and embryos development.

Embryology is the branch of medicine dealing with the embryonic development of organisms – covers the period from conception to leaving the mother’s body during birth (in humans).

Embryological laboratory is equipped with the most modern equipment, so that experienced embryologists can assist you in applying for progeny:

The IVF chamber – in the IVF Chamber IVF (providing the right temperature, CO2 and humidity) with a stereoscopic microscope, isolation and preliminary assessment of ova takes place, as well as changing of substrates for embryos development and their preparation for transfer.

Microscope – Microscope with micromanipulators allows the injection of sperm into the cytoplasm of the ovum and in combination with the laser to perform the appropriate manipulation of the zone pellucida to assist embryo hatching (AH), or blastomere biopsy for performing preimplantation diagnosis (PGD).

Three phase incubator – fertilized oocytes are subjected to five-day culture, during which they are in the incubator (providing no light, appropriate temperature, CO2 and humidity), which they leave only for a short time in days 1, 3 and 5, when the development is subject to assessment and then are transferred to the next fresh culture media.

Cryogenic chamber – oocytes, which have not undergone the process of fertilization and embryos which are not transferred on the fifth day culture, are frozen using a device enabling a controlled temperature drop and stored in liquid nitrogen containers.

Vitrification – Infertility Treatment Centre PARENS implemented a closed method based on technology developed by the pioneer of vitrification Dr. M. Kuwayama, which allows to virtificate both oocytes and embryos at any stage of development from pronuclear stage until the hatched blastocyst. As a “media” we use HSV (High Security Vitrification) straws.

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Andrological laboratory

In the andrological laboratory, analyses of samples, which are collected in neighboring rooms, are carried. Modern equipment allows quick and professional assessment of the semen quality. At this point, semen is prepared for assisted reproduction treatments (AIH, AID, CIVF and ICSI procedures) and for cryopreservation (freezing) with storage capability required from the patient. In the laboratory, there are also computer stations, which are used to carry out computer-assisted analysis of the semen coming from the satellite units throughout the country and abroad, working in the Medical Group PARENS.

Andrology is a branch of medicine dealing with the physiology of the male reproductive system, its abnormalities and diseases (pathology), and in particular the problems of infertility caused by the “male factor”. This includes diagnosis and treatment of disorders of sexual development, hormonal disorders, genital infections, and the treatment of the causes of male infertility. Diseases of andrological origin occur more and more frequently, and according to a recent study, participation of the “male factor” as the cause of infertility can be up to 60%. Therefore, you should keep in mind that infertility treatment is the treatment of the couple.

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Doctors at work

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