Semen bank

Infertility Treatment Centre PARENS, since 2005, has been working with the world’s largest donors’ sperm database Cryos. In our offer there is also semen from the European Sperm Bank.

Our donors are ordinary, physically and mentally healthy men originating from a wide population of individuals. Most of them are students of universities. Every donor has met stringent selection conditions and successfully passed the required examination before the semen was accepted.

For the semen, the donors receive only a small remuneration and we have good reason to believe that they are people who want to help others.

Donors are fully informed about the activities of a sperm bank and signed a declaration that they do not belong to groups at risk of contact with AIDS and that they are determined to donate the semen for childless couples for the purpose of assisted reproduction procedures. The donors waive all parental rights and responsibilities. The donors definitely declare their anonymity.

The process of choosing the semen donor is not easy. This is a very important decision, which should be well thought out. That is why we enable you to look at a catalog of donors before a visit to the Infertility Treatment Centre PARENS. Sperm bank works as a simple online shop – its operation is extremely simple and intuitive.

Steps to log in to the sperm bank and the choice of the donor:

More detailed information on the availability of donors can be found at IVF LABORATORY

You can select the semen directly from the websites of a bank, with whom we work (Cryos and European Sperm Bank). To order the semen of a specific donor, please provide the information to the staff of Infertility Treatment Centre PARENS.

NOTE – The information about your will to order the semen directly from the sperm bank must be given at least 2 weeks prior to planned surgery.

Examinations which all the men who want to be donors must take

Before qualification, the donors are examined for Chlamydia and antibodies to HIV-I and II, HTLV-I as well as the hepatitis B antigen (HBsAg) and hepatitis C (HCV Ab). Blood group (ABO) and the karyotype (46, XY).

In specific situations, the sperm bank also carries out other tests related to the inheritance of diseases (sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, TaySachs disease, cystic fibrosis).

A full interview (in particular regarding the possibility of hereditary transmission of diseases) is carried and information is stored on the donor’s card. Each donor is examined and approved by a doctor.

Every three months, the donors are tested again towards sexually transmitted diseases: HIV-I and II, syphilis (WR), gonorrhea (GC), viral hepatitis type B and C and Chlamydia.

Donors’ data, which are in the registry of sperm bank: number of donor, eye color, hair color, height, body weight, race, appearance of an individual (including skin), psychological profile, age, education / type of work or field of study, blood type, karyotype, negative results of tests for Chlamydia, gonorrhea, HBsAg, HCV-Ab, syphilis, HIV-I and II, HTLV-I and possibly other tests.

The semen is frozen in quarantine for at least 6 months. After this time, the donor is tested again for HIV and if the result is negative, the semen can be accepted for use.

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