Oocytes bank

Statistically, women are born from approximately 300 – 400 thousand of oocytes. Their number gradually decreases. At the age of about 30 years are only ten percent of them. With women age the number of oocytes decreases drastically. Clinic PARENS Ukraine belonging to the Medical Group PARENS offers you the possibility to carry out the procedure of in vitro fertilization using donor cells. This solution allows infertile couples to realize their dreams of having children.

Ova donors are tested in accordance with the guidelines of international associations involved in reproductive medicine. Before choosing the oocytes you can learn the basic data of the donor (race, blood type, height, weight, age, hair colour, eye color).

Guidelines for the procedure using donor’s oocytes:

The Bank provides anonymity, security and control over the process. Initial consultation can be carried out at the Infertility Treatment Centre PARENS in Kraków.

Preparation for the in vitro fertilization using donor’s oocytes.

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